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What Does it Mean for a Canton to Declare Itself Plastic-Free?

Author: Andrea Rodríguez Valverde

At the close of this edition (January 29, 2019), Santa Cruz and Liberia were the two cantons that had taken on the legislator’s request. 

Marcelo Solano, director of the national union of local governments, explained that these types of declarations reflect the political position of the local government, but that they can’t be understood as actions that require the city to budget money to promote the bill or change their development plans.

Nuestro Equipo

Natalia Batista Mora

Legal Adviser in environmental matters with more than 8 years of experience.

Proyectos en marcha

Adaptation of vulnerable coastal communities facing the imminent threats of climate change in the area of Paquera, Puntarenas

The province of Puntarenas borders the Gulf of Nicoya (GN). The Gulf of Nicoya is one of the most productive gulfs in the world. It is subject to stark variations of temperature and salinity, primarily during the rainy season. These variations, especially in salinity, are responsible for the high productivity, and the distribution of marine resources in the gulf.

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Costa Rica’s Fishing Institute Wants to Grant Trawling Permits, Activity That Is Forbidden Since 2013

Author: Laura Alvarado

Yet, controversy raised this week when it came to light that the Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Fisheries and Aquaculture Institute ( Incopesca) had reached an agreement to grant trawling permits once again, disregarding the clear prohibition established by law. The information was bought to the public eye by the news radio show NuestraVoz and according to information released, Incopesca had kept this resolution as a “secret” because the Board of Directors still hasn’t confirmed it and they are scheduled to discuss it a session scheduled for next November 24.

The Thermal Dome of Costa Rica: An oasis of productivity at the Pacific Coast of Central America


The Thermal Dome of Costa Rica (the Dome) is an extensive marine region in the Eastern Tropical Pacific (ETP), off the west coast of Central America. Currents and winds cause nutrient rich cold waters from deep zones to draw near the surface generating a high primary productivity, which maintains a dynamic food web in the surrounding area.

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Pescadores se manifestarán frente a la Asamblea Legislativa contra la pesca de arrastre

Author: Allan Madriz

Los pescadores buscan manifestar su total oposición al proyecto 19.838, “Ley para el aprovechamiento Sostenible del Camarón, Generación de Empleo y Combate a la Pobreza”.

El objetivo de la manifestación es solicitar a los diputados el archivo definitivo del proyecto que busca reinstaurar la pesca de arrastre en Costa Rica, sin contar con respaldo científico para ello.

En agosto del 2013, la Sala Constitucional en su sentencia 2013-10549 ordenó al Instituto Costarricense de Pesca y Acuicultura (Incopesca) no emitir nuevas licencias de esa técnica, ni renovar las existentes.

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Ambientalistas acusan al INCOPESCA de inoperantes tras la denuncia de Fundación MarViva por barco camarotero

Author: RTN Noticias

A pesar de haber sido encontrada en flagrancia dentro del área protegida y de que el proceso judicial en su contra no ha concluido, la embarcación podría volver a su actividad ya que INCOPESCA no le ha impuesto ninguna sanción.

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New study: Costa Rica is giving away its fishing wealth

Source: The Tico Times
Author: L. ARIAS

The figure is part of the research for a new book called “Characteristics of Tuna Fishing in Costa Rica” that researchers presented at a press conference on Wednesday.

The commercial value of tuna here is of some $62 million per year. Of this total, Costa Rica receives only $904,000 in licensing fees, the report states.

That means the country receives some $19 for each metric ton of tuna, which can reach a market price of some $2,000.

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Crocodile found dead in Gulf of Nicoya following thousands of washed up fish

Source: The Tico Times

On Friday morning, social media messages from locals near Manzanillo, Puntarenas showed an overturned crocodile, apparently dead, in the gulf. Just two days prior, the community was shocked by the appearance of thousands of dead sardines that drifted onto a two-kilometer stretch of coast.

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