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Interinstitutional Stengthening

The relationship of humans to the ocean is growing. Multiple sectors are expanding their uses and productive activities in diverse and growing areas such as energy, conservation, tourism, navigation and mariculture.

States must regulate all human activities at sea through their institutions, which are characterized by different and sometimes contradictory approaches, as well as by the poor coordination between them.

MarViva generates mechanisms so that the relationship between Sea-State-Users guarantees a sustainable use of ecosystems and human activities in the sea. Likewise, it supports the strengthening of public institutions in Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica, with the vision of strengthening state and local capacities that favor effective and comprehensive marine management in this region of the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

Some achievements:

  • Support for the creation of interinstitutional coordination platforms
  • Generation of national and regional databases
  • Strengthening alliances among institutions and sectors that use resources
  • Enabling officials (Congressmen, prosecutors, port inspectors, park rangers, coast  guards, chains marketing inspectors)
  • Equipment and financial resources for marine operational patrol
  • Approval or support and implementation the Agreement on Measures of Port  State Control, to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and  unregulated fishing in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.


Support for the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and enactment of new management categories


In 2004, MarViva participated in the process leading to the declaration of Coiba National Park, of 2.031Km 2 marine extension, and supported its declaration as a World Heritage Site in 2005. Collaborated in the design and approval of the Management Plan 2009, and the creation of the adjacent Special Zone of Marine Protection (ZEMP) of 1,782 km 2. Support the creation of the Protected Area of ​​the Bay of Panama Wetland, in February 2015, with 85,664 hectares of land area.


In 2013, local authorities were supported in establishing the Exclusive Artisanal Fisheries Zone (ZEPA) and expansion of the management area of 2.5 miles to 12 miles from the coastline in northern Chocó. Since 2014, MarViva supported the creation of the District.

Costa Rica

MarViva contributed to the creation of the first Marine Oceanic Protected Area of the country, known as Marine Management Area Seamount, with 9,640 km2 of marine extension as a buffer zone to Isla del Coco (process of at least six years of incidence, Culminated in March 2014).

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